Checking Accounts
There is no minimum balance required to open this account. We don't charge per-check fees or monthly maintenance fees (excluding business checking) and we pay you dividends on your checking on each day your account balance is $100 or more. Take the checking account challenge by comparing our fees with what you're paying now. Overdraft privilege is now available on select accounts, call us for details.

Why Bonus Checking?
Why not?

You don't even have to sign up. Just make sure you qualify and it happens automatically! Watch your e-statements and see the dividend earning difference.

With bonus checking you get to take advantage of a higher paying dividend (2.50% APY!), save paper, time, and have a secure delivery with E-statements, and there is no minimum balance required!

To qualify, all you have to do is have a checking account with direct deposit, use your debit card 12 times each month as a signature based debit card transaction per month, and receive e-statements.

So really...why not?

(Maximum balance of $25,000)

Be sure to check your statements. For some organizations, the pay period lands twice in one month and not the following. If this is the case, you still qualify for the 2.50%APY...just contact us to let us know and we will correct it!

Have you ever bounced a check? It happens to the best of us. Worse than the embarrassment of bouncing a check, the bank charges you an NSF fee, and the business you wrote it to charges you a fee on top of that. Worse yet, what if the check was to a friend or to a relative? We offer three ways to avoid having your item from being returned:

• If you have a savings account with us, you can arrange to have us automatically transfer, up to 3 times per month(Federal Regulation D), funds from your savings account to your checking account to cover drafts. A small overdraft transfer fee will be assessed for each item occurs. See our current rate and fee schedule.

• We can grant you an overdraft line of credit loan and lend you the funds to cover the overdrafts in your checking account. Either way, it's better than bouncing a check. See our rates for the current overdraft line of credit rate and fee schedule for overdraft occurrences. **

• Overdraft privilege is available on select accounts that allows you to overdraw your account up to $800.00 to be brought current within 30 days. An overdraft privilege fee of $25.00 will apply for each item overdrawing your account and your item will be paid. Once this limit is reached, items will be returned unpaid and a NSF fee of $25.00 will apply. Call us for additional information about qualifications for this program.